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3 thoughts on “New Services

  1. I am not quite sure who you are..

    I have heard you recently on WTLN …

    Have through the years enjoyed Jamacian preachers…

    Example Dr. Tony Hart of the Grand Old Gospel Fellowship of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Gerald Landis
    3515 Craig Drive
    Forest City, Florida 32703

  2. God Bless You Pastor, I hear you on the radio here in Tampa, Florida and God is using you Greatly. If you by any chance know of any Wedderburns from Jamaica, you sound like one of a relative I know, maybe a cousin or so, it is so amazing. I would like to invite you and your wife to visit the link below and be Blessed. My name is Voncea Bushaue.
    or you can go to Youtube and type in Voncea Bushaue. (You will view 11 plays that the Lord has given me to write and produce for His Glory.)

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