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Sermon 6-22-15

Pastor Trevor Wallace

2 thoughts on “Sermon 6-22-15

  1. Pastor Trevor is my kind of preacher. I live in Orlando and listen to him on a daily basis. I will be coming down to worship with Jesus team tv. As a minister myself l, I am about the truth. John 8: 32, Jesus said: you will know the truth and the truth will set you. God bless pastor Trevor and hope to see you soon in church.

    Dr. Wilner Blanchard, PhD, LCCC, licensed clinical Christian counselor, MHT

  2. Hello, is pastor Trevor going to preach in any churches in the Bradenton or Tampa area? I’d really like to see him preach in person sometime. I really admire his teaching and try to listen to any of his sermons in can find online.

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